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Agile Consulting


We accompany your change processes with the appropriate consulting concepts. We offer extensive experience in process support, group facilitation and mediation as well as individual and group coaching. Together with your team, we develop the concrete fields of development and design individualized solutions. Currently, the following challenges are on the flipchart particularly frequently:

  • Building and shaping a digital agenda
  • Conception of a future-oriented personnel development
  • Support and design of change processes
  • Support in sustainable innovation management.
  • Planning and implementation of strategy workshops.

Shorter innovation cycles lead to a situation that makes change the new norm. That is why many companies turn to agile methods to cope with these phases of strong change and high uncertainty. In such phases it is important to design flexible processes and let the team grow with the changing requirements. We accompany such agile working and learning projects with the necessary sense of proportion for results and personal development.

With our customers we analyze what kind of consulting service seems to make sense depending on the maturity of the project. With our pool of interdisciplinary partners, we select the appropriate competencies and can thus offer a concrete proposal in response to your inquiry.

Our services

  • Competence development
  • Scoping, planning and conception of agile learning projects
  • Realistic goal definitions and learning goal management
  • Psychological individual and group coaching
  • Facilitation and guidance on collegial learning in the agile teams.
  • A balanced team of generalists and specialists.
  • Moderation and mediation of teams and events
  • Support for strategy and innovation development
  • Selection and development of team members for successful implementation

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